Talking about Money


Today was quite an exciting day at the Home. First of all, Cuixian found 2 "Cut-out" corners during stamp cutting that belonged to the Singapre Dollar Note and the colour is yellowish-orange which means …. it is highly likely that it belonged to the following. ARGGGGG!! That IMMEDIATELY raised an Alarm among the volunteers present.   


With some probes, we quickily sprung to action, as Mun Hoe said, we started our search on the "Quarantine bag" of trash paper. We were motivated to search for the 2 pieces of "S$100" so that we can sponsor the next elderly outing. Some volunteers (not sure who) led by Catherine and Mun Hoe went off to recee the GIANT @ Tampines and the rests of us, very engrossly continued with our search for the money.  With ALL volunteers in action, there cannot be another MORE exciting day than this.

After about 20mins of search, Siok Hoon FOUND 2half piecces of the Special Edition S$20 notes inside 1 of the cut envelopes (contest fromSxxxMxx), with that, we were MOTIVATED to continue our Search for their other halves. About a minute later, the other halves were FOUND! Our mission ACCOMPLISHED! YAHOO!

Ghim Boon in action… Now, we noe his passion is in Art & Craft

  SEE! The fruits of our labour!

I must say that with 13 years of volunteering at Stamp Cutting, this is the FIRST time we found real Money! If not for Cuixian’s vigilence, we won’t have so much fun today. Ahahaha.  At least now, we are S$40 Richer! Well Done to All Volunteers! Let’s continue to have fun in volunteering!


p/s: Siok Hoon has kindly volunteered to exchange the money with the Bank and hope she can accomplish her mission. Jia You!

THANKING all who joined in the search for MONEY… They Are Ghim Boon, Siok Hoon, Siow Har, See Toh, William & Celeste (new volunteers).


"The Purpose of life… is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

 (By Ralph Aldo Emerson, American Writer)

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One Response to Talking about Money

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Hi Meifang and team,
    At last after so many years of envelops and stamps collection since 1990s, we had finally struck "money" and I believe this is the many good fortunes to come for the volunteers and elderly…CT 

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