Money no enough

I shared the excitement and happiness in searching for the 2 x 20 dollar notes! and I applaud the courage, patience and determination to those involved in the search ‘cos I imagine it can be quite tortuous to dig into all the bits and pieces of papers!!!!
Money still no enough for the outing planned for 13 December 2008 to Giant Hypermart, Tampines. I am trying to secure some donations but if you have any lobang to find money to fund this event, do come forward. Thanks!!
Our recee to Giant was quite successful….the hypermart is spacious, alighting point is partially sheltered and suitable for wheelchairs..only challenge may be the travellator a bit steep so got to make sure wheelchairs are locked while stationery on the travellator and volunteers hold firmly and stand firmly. The men available during the outing will be required to position themselves to render help on the travellators.
Dinner….there are two options at Giant or Courts and our friendly volunteers, Cui Xian & Dawn are writing to the relevant parties to seek permission, sponsorship etc..
Transport…I suggest going for two HWA vehicles which can take 26 persons ie 20 elderly, some elderly-in-wheelchair while some transferred to seats and 6 other nurses cum volunteers. Such special vehicles will minimise the fear of these elderly who do not want to climb the big bus. So we are likely to work on a one elderly to on volunteer arrangement, no singing, no guitar performance onboard the buses due to space limitations. Will decide on transport for other volunteers…maybe some volunteers drive or engage a sponsored van. Afterall, parking is free at Giant. More discussions will follow.
For this Saturday, 15 Nov 08 do remember to join us in our first art & craft session for our first ever Christmas tree. Jacqueline ‘picked’ up a fallen tree and with the help of his colleagues, brought it over to the home and YES! our first step is to paint it silver… I have collected some shimmering chocolate wrappers. If you have other recycled stuff to share…anything at all that you can contribute…please do bring them along 🙂 Ghim Boon will be there to turn them into useful & creative ornaments…hahas our newly appointed art director!!
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