Year End Elderly Outing to Giant Hypermart, Courts & Box Bistro at Tampines

paiseh..paiseh..kind of late posting on this event! But better late than never…
Let me first commend on our photographer, Mun Hoe and his apprentice, Xiao You for their untiring efforts in breaking another record of 138 shots just for one outing!! Only Xiao You knew how she ‘cheated’ Mun Hoe of his camera and happily clicking away…some interesting shots resulted..not bad lah!
For the first time, we spent more transport cost by engaging 2 (previously 1) HWA vehicles to fetch 20 wheelchair bound elderly. This was In consideration of elderlys’ immobility and to alleviate their fear of having to climb on bus steps. The result: COMFORTABLE RIDE, HAPPIER ELDERLYS AND PHYSICALLY LESS STRENUOUS ON THE GUYS!! its money well spent and a BIG THANKS to Josephine (Joanne’s friend) for her full transport sponsorship and generosity!
Our other sponsors for the outing were Cui Xian’s mum, CK and his friends! THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Besides our own volunteers, we welcome the happy return of Kiang, CK, Diana, Katherine, Joey, Josephine, Luisa and friends of Cui Xian & Joanne. All volunteers set off by driving their own cars. This was the second time Kiang helped out. The last time her vehicle was used to load wheelchairs. This round, 3 young girls namely Hoon, Dawn and Xiao You sat behind and mind you, they really were having lots of fun lorh! In a way, Kiang & I felt younger with them around though I was thinking of Yan Quan, another fun loving gal who was missing in action ‘cos of his sick uncle. ,
With the kind coordination of Giant’s security guards, shopping at Giant was a breeze for the elderlys. Moving up to the hypermart was easy ‘cos the lift was really spacious and ideally located. Giant sponsored goodie bags for the 20 elderly. Judging from the happy faces of the elderlys, one could tell that most elderly enjoyed themselves as they moved row by row searching for their needs. Worth a mention was the company of the volunteers who helped them along the way. 3 elderlys were spotted sitted at a corner with 1 complaining of a headache….they did not buy much but we respect their wish to be away from the crowd..that was perhaps their comfortable zone but at dinner time, they were spotted eating their selected meals and when asked if they felt better, they smiled…
Dinner at Box Bistro located at Courts Megastore was really GOOOOD!! We were spoilt for choice..western sets, asian bento sets and local delights like laksa, prawn noodles etc etc. Each elderly picked their own meal and drinks. Simple but hearty meals..truly satisfying…what’s more? we paid just 50% of the total bill!! THANKS to Courts & Jack’s Place for their souvenirs and kind sponsorship!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH…Nick, Sarimah, Evelyn, Jacob & his female colleague!! It was wonderful to see that the restaurant was all set up prior to the elderlys’ arrival and special thanks to Jacob & colleague for their kind understanding.
Please feel free to blog on this outing or share any interesting happenings and introduce our blog to your friends. As I always said, this blog needs your love & contribution to make it livelier and worth reading!
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3 Responses to Year End Elderly Outing to Giant Hypermart, Courts & Box Bistro at Tampines

  1. Yan Quan says:

    haha… hallo. just tot i wanted to comment cos it only seem that catherine is putting in lots of efforts to maintain this blog… i am here to make some noise!!!!! so sad i miss this outing though… hope there\’s another one coming up soon… hint hint** maybe we can just wheel the elderly to the nearby estate to drink coffee at teh coffeeshop… then it\’s like super low budget… haha.

  2. Evergreeners says:

    Yan Quan…good to know you are reading the blog and are encouraging other volunteers to contribute. You are one full of aspirations, inspirations and emotions and it will be nice to have your contribution too! I quite like your idea about pushing elderly to nearby estate to coffeeshops, jalan jalan or even to the park. Can consider this for our April outing! Will you like to gather volunteers, start a recee and take charge of the outing?? 😀 Catherine

  3. Evergreeners says:

    Dear Catherine,I\’m pleased to hear the visit to our store went well!Please wish all of your team a very Happy New Year from all of us here at Courts.Best regards,Eddie NixonCourts (Singapore ) Limited

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