Christmas Celebration @Brighthill

December 27
I was requested by Catherine to write about the Christmas Party event on the blog and I told  her she is giving me a difficult task. So guys and girls pls forgive me if there are lots of grammar and spelling mistake. I am suppose to write in when Seetoh has download the photo but I think he must has been busy that I still didn’t see them on the blog. So I decided to go ahead and summarize them.
This was the first time that we have a Christmas celebration for the elderly. We have created and decorated a Christmas tree from a dried tree branches which found by Karen (I hope I got the correct person) and brought it to the home. It wasn’t very stable as it has been slanting  quite a few time. Seetoh had helped to secure it and it stand still till the end of the party. The party started with the song Silent Night and we moved into the hall with lighted candles. Mei Fung came out with the idea to put a thick piece of paper around the candles so that the melted wax would not burn our hand when we held them. (What a great idea!) She even volunteer to make coffee for the elderly to take them with the log cake sponsored by Cui Xian’s friend (Sorry, forget the name). Thank you very much.  We have to cut the cake into small slices as we worried that the cake may not be enough for all the elderly as more and more turned up. It was 40 at the beginning but slowly increased to 46 and still counting…. Luckily quite a number of them were full after high tea and rejected the offer. So volunteers have the chance to taste it too. It was soft, spongy and tasty. We shall ask them to sponsor for our future event. Hee hee . The elderly enjoy the cakes while watching the slide show from Giant @Tampines outing.
Molly has liven up the party by performing Magic tricks. She told us that she has a few more tricks which she will only do it on CNY events. "Hao Xi Zai Hou Tou" (the best will be left behind) Thanks for her help. Catherine is good at creating poems and lyrics. She has written a few lines for us to sing with Jingle Bell rhythms. At least the elderly understand better in Chinese version. Thanks for your creation.
I am glad to have Desmond acting as Red Nose Reindeer and Santa Clause as no other younger volunteers wish to do so not even my Darren. Desmond was shy during the performance but he was always singing out loud at home.  
Our young volunteers, Yan Quan , Dawn, Xiao You & her sister etc were enjoy themselve so much on the Fashion Design game. Yan Quan and Dawn were so happy
and surprise when they got present from me. Hey girls, is just a little gift nothing much. But for this game I have feed back from Mei Fung that we have neglect the other elderly who were not involve in the games. Some elderly even doze off and some started to leave while the games were still on going. We should take note of that and have more groups games.
Due to times consume, we were unable to finish singing all the Christmas songs that we have planed. I hope we will sing most or all of them for our next party so it will not waste Yan Quan’s effort for sorting and printing them. All the gift were sponsor by our volunteers like purse, recycling bags, pouches, soft toys from Catherine and items from bazzar. Cui Xian’s had picked up the goodies bags from Tampines Giant which were supposed to be given to the elderly who went for the outing. Cui Xian, Catherine and a few of us came early to sort them out. Some items were taken out to wrap as the prizes for Fashion Design elderly. So glad that we have prepare 50 gift as we did not expect so many of them turned up.
Overall I think the elderly enjoy themselves. They did not reject when I put on the party eye mask for them. They also played with the tamborine and other hand instrument that we have passed to them.
In this even, I have made some mistake. Beginning of the event was not well plan. It was a little messy and blur blur. Initially, all of us would go round the elderly with the lighted candles and lastly gathered in front of them and sway along with the songs. But I have forgotten. Luckily I have Catherine help me to lead. Thanks alot Cath. I will make sure that I will have my plan written down nex time and will not happen again. (I hope so. Hee hee  To be frank I always get nervous talking in front of alot of people. Catherine, that is why  I ask you to help me to host. Thanks again. Another mistake was that I have left the Christmas songs CD at home which I thought I have them ready. Luckily the home has one if not we have to sing Rodolph The Red Nose Reindeer without Music.
Well, times flies. We have just send off 2008 and welcome 2009. There are alot of bad news from our government. We hope that, as times goes by, everything will be fine and not as bad as what we were told and warned.
Look forward to our next celebration and a better Christmas Party for 2009.
Wishing You All the Best,
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2 Responses to Christmas Celebration @Brighthill

  1. meifang says:

    Hi Jane, good blogging for a first-timer. Rather easy to read. Actually, the tree branch was found by Jacqueline. Anyway, the christmas event was simple and cosy. It will definitely be better n better each year if we continue to burn the flame of volunteerism in us 😀 meifang

  2. Evergreeners says:

    Aiyo..this is easily 700 words leh! for that great effort, you are hereby presented with a special award to serve Bright Hill Home for another 10 years!! heehee..stole this phrase from Hwee Seng. Jane, you see, I was right to say \’YOU CAN DO IT\’ so yeah..keep up that drive and let out your warmth! You are surely one with lots of good ideas and trust me,,,after this exposure, you\’ll be hungry to do more and more for the elderly, Cheers – Catherine 🙂

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