a quote by William A. Ward is ‘feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it’.
i am not sure about the readership/viewership of this dearest bright hill blog, since no one actually tags/comments or otherwise.
but i feel like posting about today at bright hill and ppl have been kind to me:)
anw, i dun think many are the sentimental kind…
as linked to my impression of adults or males or something…
so i will just try to cut things short yea.
so i had lunch with keehoon today (we played badminton together in the morning!) and had lunch at bukit timah food centre.
she treated me to sugar cane drink.
then we went ten mile junction and she bought this packet of nuts to share with the volunteers,
which i ended up bringing home too.
then we went to the home and helped to serve high tea with joanne.
the carrot cake was great!
and i was saying that i was thirsty.
then joanne shared her can of oolong tea drink with me.
so we did stamp-cutting today.
and the volunteers present today were keehoon, joanne, cuixian, meifang, munhoe and myself.
and after the session, we went to bukit panjang plaza for a drink.
so we had some kaya toast and each of us also ordered drinks.
so everyone had their share of the bill, except me.
i feel quite thick-skinned listing out the number of times i was being treated today.
but at least i offered to pay yea!
but i just wanted to say that i think everyone at bright hill have been really nice and kind.
and i admit that i feel doted on.
maybe partly due to the fact that i am the youngest…
but… no need to spoil me… haha.
but it’s always heartening to know that there’s such a great bunch of ppl at bright hill:D
and it’s not just today, of course.
catherine and chungtat and meifang and munhoe and everyone else too.
for being kind and friendly.
for all the times i have been treated.
for all the rides to that mrt, this bus-stop, or right straight to my home at toa payoh!
just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you!
for all the ppl that havent been to bright hill since we moved,
hope to see you around soon too…
for whatever reasons that each of us has for volunteering, or for being with this home for the past time,
i dun think it should be deterred by the change of location yea.
singapore is small, no matter how you look at it…
oh well,
so, a very happy july to all of you!
and happy youth day:)
and if it’s not obvious, this is yanquan posting:)
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4 Responses to thanks:)

  1. Kee Hoon says:

    Ha…u r so easily touched by the drinks and nuts….;) Enjoy ur time at BHEH as one of the youngest volunteer, its always good to see young faces around, am sure the elderlies enjoy your company as well….:)

  2. Evergreeners says:

    must admit that I haven\’t checked on this blog for a long time. Actually meant to squeeze a minute of my office time to check on my hi tea duty. Really delighted and excited to see a new entry so I read on…! always happy to see contribution to the blog as I always encourage volunteers to do so.. come on volunteers…don\’t let Yan Quan steal the limelight!! But then she has already grabbed this month\’s title \’BEST & CHEERFUL JULY EVERGREENER\’ hahas…AUGUST title is up for grab and I know it will be a tie between Joanne & Cui Xian, our upcoming bazaar cum National Day event! Hi girls, JIA YOU JIA YOU…on behalf of our volunteers, YAN QUAN, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

  3. chong says:

    AC:Hi, first time visit the blog, may I know are you all still volunteering at the Homes since it moves to Senja? Would like to know more about the group and its visiting schedule :>

  4. Evergreeners says:

    Hi ACglad to know that you are ready our volunteers\’ blog. Yes, volunteers from evergreen volunteer group are still present at the new home at Senja Road. Our usual volunteering activities are on Saturday afternoons from 2.30 to 5pm. Do feel free to drop by this Sat, 8 Aug 09 \’cos we will be hosting a National Day event plus bazaar. Please look for me, Catherine. Thanks!

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