Mid Autumn Celebration on Sat, 3 Oct – 9 to 11.30am

Mid Autumn 2009 at BHEH saw close to 50% new volunteers who joined us in the celebration with the elderly. At quarter to 9am, all volunteers were seen walking in with their big smiles. All looked so refreshing and eager to lay their hands on doing something. For working adults, I think Saturdays are probably the best time to catch up with some sleep while some with family may normally spend their moring time with young children and/or their spouse/parents at home or even catch up with house chores. And students like Yan Quan & Dawn, they could be sleeping or planning their time to study for the coming exams.


So why was everyone at BHEH at such early hour?? Very simple, it’s their volunteering passion that drives them to ‘make time’ to volunteer. KUDOS TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR GREAT TIME MANAGEMENT!! These wonderful volunteers are:











Siok Hoon

Yan Quan



Chung Tat

Ghim Boon

Hwee Seng

Mr Ong


We witnessed strong team spirit in the coffee making session. The team was happily stirring with giant spoons!!!  


Everyone helped out in one way or another to put up the final preparation. Soon, we had our batch of elderlys from the upper floors to join the other residents who were waiting patiently.


We sang and engaged the elderly in simple games using pomelo skin and Chinese idioms. Newly introduced story telling game didn’t quite work out partly because the battery level of the microphones was running flat and elderly voices from afar could not be heard. Anyway, it was a new experience and hopefully, we could improverise on the game next time.


The highlights for the event were


  • Mooncake demonstration by Jacqueline. Thanks to Jac and her friend, Priscilla for their kind contribution of the ingredients!! Mind you, these two early birds woke up much earlier to prepare the ingredients before coming to the Home J


  • Accordian performance by Mr Ong (Joycelyn’s dad). Thanks to Mr Ong for his wonderful and untiring performance. Being an elderly himself, Mr Ong is a ‘live’ example to the home residents on staying happy and cheerful in their golden years!!! Mr Ong, they need your continuous motivation J

 Those who know me will understand that my writing for the blog also aims to encourage and motivate other volunteers to pen their thoughts. The blog needs constant dose of vitamins and nutrition to keep it alive and radiant!!! It is hungry for your tender loving care… if you have a problem signing in, please let me know.


As the event person, may I extend my sincere thanks to one and all for your lively presence and great enthusiasm!!!!


All the best,


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4 Responses to Mid Autumn Celebration on Sat, 3 Oct – 9 to 11.30am

  1. meifang says:

    Thanks to ALL of the early birds who helped out the mid-autumn celebration. Think this was the 1st morning event after a long long time. Anyway, nothing is impossible when there is love n care for the elderly. Well done fellow Volunteers! Keep up the good work yah.

  2. Evergreeners says:

    Thank you Catherine and everyone for organising today\’s event for the eldery. I have learnt alot from you in making a difference for the elders, engaging them and making them smile and so happy. I admire all the volunteers\’ dedication in being here for the Evergreen elders every Saturday for the past years and never fail to give them unconditional care and kindness. I have posted the photographs in the Evergreen Volunteers blog: http://evergreenvolunteer.spaces.live.com/ Go take a look and see the smiles on the elders\’ faces. Joycelyn

  3. Evergreeners says:

    Congrats to all for the success of the mid-autumn event! Thanks to all who made it down so early to spend your precious morning with the elderly. Looking forward to more happy events! CHeers! rgds,meifang

  4. Evergreeners says:

    Thank you Joycelyn! Great pictures!!! And thank you for asking your dad along! The event is especially successful becoz of his performance. I can see that many of the uncles and aunties clapping away enjoying themselves. Thank you! And please let Mr Ong knows that we greatly appreciate his generousity in contributing his time and talent to our function! And of course, thank you LP85 for making a difference to the uncles and aunties of Evergreen Brighthill Home!!! All of you are beautiful people and I am so very proud of you!!! Hugs Ling

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