just to update:)

Perhaps the fact that i am graduating tomorrow is triggering this current feeling,
but i just came to check up on this dear bright hill blog and felt like updating:)
I guess Catherine does enough of the activities at the Home, than to be the only one trying to maintain this blog here, so i shall help!
But i realise now i don’t have anything in particular to post about.
There have been lots of new faces around at Bright Hill.
It’s quite heartening to see,
and hey, i am now a ‘senior’ volunteer!
Cuixian has been helping out lots at Bright Hill, especially with the ESN carnival.
And together with Catherine,
I think i still have a lot to learnt from all of you.
It’s nice to look at the Bright Hill’s family…
Jane is our store-keeper (she knows where everything is!)
Hweeseng is our karaoke king.
Layleng is our stamps’ consultant.
Ghim Boon (sorry, did i spell correctly?) is our manual labour worker (since he always seem to be the only guy around to help move the stamps up and down)
Perhaps we can do this profile page for our webpage.
A clearer outline of what the home is, what the volunteers do, who are the volunteers etc.
I think the first impression of our webpage is overwhelming…
there’s everything everywhere with all the boxes here and there…
but… i have no idea how to edit this spaces.live…
anw, can’t wait for the November 21st outing!
Vivo, wait for us~~~
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3 Responses to just to update:)

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Great initiative! nothing in particular to post also can write so much!! (lol) and I personally enjoyed reading it \’cos its all written from close observation and from the heart!!! I like it and we just adore YOU lor, our dear Yan Quan 🙂 Catherine

  2. SH says:

    Hi Yanquan, its good to see you being so actively involved at the Home. I\’ve seen you "grow up" since the first days you joined us, and I see BIG changes in you – and they are nothing but good and positive changes. I\’ve seen you evolve from a shy, timid little gal to a confident, outspoken and fun-loving gal. Way to go, gal…!!! Jia you… Love ya always…!!! = prawn =

  3. SH says:

    Congrats on being a SENIOR VOLUNTEER…!!!

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