21st November Outing

21st November Outing
Shopping at Bukit Timah Plaza
Dinner at Choa Chu Kang temple
we had our regular volunteers and also some new faces; family members and colleagues from celeste, friends from joanne and others.
mun hoe helped demonstrate the handling of a wheelchair to the new volunteers.
there was also some confusion in doing the name-tags and sorting the volunteers to the colour groups as there were some last-minute changes in attendance.
the 21 elderly we brought were seated in 2 hwa buses.
over at the volunteers’ bus,
the vgc (volunteer guitar connection) members were hyping up the atmostphere as they got everyone to sing along to popular songs on the way to bukit timah plaza.
the plaza’s personnel were kind to offer their cargo lift to allow a faster transportation of the elderly to level 1.
we entered ‘fairprice finest’ and moved on to our shopping spree for about 35mins till 4.05pm.
despite the somewhat crowded supermarket and difficulties with the wheelchair on the travellator,
the volunteers managed:)
sure to say, the elderly enjoyed themselves and even exerienced paying for their own expenses at the cashier.
as like with other years, the elderly were given $10 for their ‘shopping budget’.
i am not sure how many of the elderly exceeded the $10 this year though, haha…
of course, what is important is that the elderly bought what they wanted:)
we moved ourselves to a shelter outside the back entrance of the plaza.
over there, we sang more songs.
i also witnessed one elderly who started eating on the prunes she bought and she even went around offering it to the volunteers:)
it started to drizzle but we arrived at the temple more-or-less unscathed.
the temple provided us with a vegetarian dinner, inclusive of a soup and fruits.
some elderly asked for more rice, and we had our toilet breaks too.
it was around 6.30pm when we all arrived back at the home, tired but satisfied.
it was also almost amusing to note that by the end of the trip, the volunteers have all taken initiative in operating the wheelchair lifts for the hwa buses.
Cuixian and Celeste, for their hard work in organizing this particular outing, especially without our dear catherine (who is currently out of country) to look for advise in outing-planning.
Celeste’s boss, Ju Kai Meng, for the generous sponsoring of this trip.
The temple, for sponsoring us a wondrous meal.
The buses, for granting us another drop-off point and ‘kind of shut one’s eye’ to proper protocol.
Fairprice and Bukit Timah Plaza, for the trouble they have gone through to ensure that the elderly had a smooth trip.
All the volunteers, for their time and efforts.
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One Response to 21st November Outing

  1. Evergreeners says:

    timely post and photos!! Great job for all who helped out 🙂 Catherine

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