Bye 2009 Welcome 2010

Soon, we will bid goodbye to 2009 and before 2010 arrives, may I pen a few thoughts:
  • our group has expanded with Ling & kids, her LP friends, students of Cui Xian and more recently, the return of our young 师姐 – Chun Ling! Welcome Evergreeners!!
  • for volunteers who have walked in regularly, hey you gals & guys are super-committed and deserve our respect & love… Well done!
  • to all volunteers including myself, 2009 has been a busy year to most of us whether it’s personal, work, school or others but let us try to make time for BHEH elderly by increasing our attendance rate especially on non-event Saturdays
  • Sadly, we lost a few elderly this year. Do you remember Uncle Choong? He was physically disabled with one leg and loved to bare his top body. During his last days, he rejected food but craved for coffee. Here’s a photo of happy Uncle Choong…







爱他们, 关心他们




Cheers, Catherine

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