First CNY 2010 at Senja Road

The BEAUTIFUL process of an event organization is when volunteers and sponsors start showing their response and pledging their support in different ways. Evergreen Volunteer Group is often blessed with many wonderful things which go into supporting and benefitting the elderly of Bright Hill Evergreen Home.


On behalf of Evergreen Volunteer Group, may we extend our heartfelt thanks to (in sequence of their response):


MR NG OF ZHONGHUA SECONDARY SCHOOL for his very early initiative to pledge the school’s yearly support to our CNY event.

CUI XIAN for her kind sponsorship and early order of mini kueh baulu

JASON TAN for his generous sponsorship of all the CNY cookies/chocolates

CELESTE for her kind sponsorship of mandarin oranges and thoughtfulness

FELISE for her cash donation and search for HUGE chocolate gold coins

WOEI SHIUAN for her untiring effort to cook up a meal for 130+ elderly and to her friend who gave a cash donation towards the event

KUMARI for helping to solicit a cash donation from her colleague

JANE for digging out the CNY paper bags for oranges and if you saw how many boxes are stacked up in the store, one can only praise this slim ‘superwoman’ for her strength! Mind you she was thoughtful enough to have stick out a bag for me to spot the box right away!

CATHY for baking delicious cakes which were served to the elderly the following day after the event ‘cos the elderly had too much to eat

锺寿祥合家 & 楊汉坤合家 for their generous sponsorship of the lion dance. Thanks to CUI XIAN & friends for their help

Volunteers of Bright Hill Temple – Youth Ministry for their warm, cheerful and helpful presence. Thanks to Man Wei


It has always been fun scratching my head for CNY ideas. I loved the planning, the preparation, the warm response, assistance and support coming from volunteers (old or new or adhoc) and the entire celebration when unity and strength of volunteers were all witnessed in front of Bright Hill elderly!


2010 celebration at Bright Hill held on 27 Feb 2010 正月十四scored these titles:



义工朋友多, 男义工今年也来了不少

Even students from the Guzheng and Chinese Orchestra groups of Zhonghua Secondary School 的人数是有增无减





Ke li ka la 拍个不停

pocket size camera 也有professional type with special lens

Everyone is just eager to view the photos



volunteers from Bright Hill Temple, Youth Ministry 相遇是偶然的也算是一种缘分. They met our Evergreen Volunteers (young & matured ones like me), volunteers’ family, friends and friends’ friends who returned to give support. Together, we cared for the elderly, sang, laughed and teased them all for the sake of creating fun and joy for each and every elderly. 全场义工态度诚恳开朗确实感染了在场的老人家, 增添不少欢乐的气氛. 很倾心有你们的帮忙和参与….  谢谢! Well done, girls & boys!



在三位老师的领导下,学生浩浩荡荡地来到光明山疗养院, 手里紧握住大小肥瘦的乐器,满怀信心准备把首首动听的曲子弹奏出来. 所为台上一分钟台下十年功,大家都感受到学生的耐力和奋斗的精神. 我们由衷感谢这班学生祝他们学业进步, 更上一层楼Our deepest appreciation to Mr Ng & 2 other teachers for their wonderful arrangement!!


East meets West…Huat ah!

What is more fun to amuse the elderly with two special appearances of Cai Sheng Ye? Volunteer Kiwi was the perfect Chinese face and steady 财神爷while Adrian, our newcomer and Caucasian displayed a lively performance of his maiden role as the God of Wealth! Kiwi amused the elderly with gold choc coins/ingots while Adrian distributed oranges coupled with his favourite phrase ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’. Even elderly, Soo Wong Sum could not resist by saying ‘Happy New Year; where is my ang pow’ and touched Adrian’s belly for good luck! Adrian, that belly has to grow bigger and rounder by 2011!


Not forgetting Woei Shiuan and volunteers like Willy, Kiwi, Yan Quan and other volunteer friends who walked in early to prepare and cook in the kitchen. 我们向你们鞠躬辛苦你们了!


Last but not least I wish to thank early birds like Cui Xian, Rachel, Jean, Joey, Bel and his Breadline friend who arrived early and helped out in many ways. Thank you!! Personally, I am also thankful to 3 men + 1 lady (wow…虎年带给我四个贵人羡慕吧! Hahas..). They are home staff, Joshua from Myanmar, office staff Salenah, Willy and Kiwi. Joshua and Salenah helped me decorate the wishing pond while Willy was typically strong to have dragged almost every single steel table out of the dining area and Kiwi fetched all the essential stuff from the store. Auntie Catherine is very grateful for your help! Thank you!!!




Event organizer


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