15 may 2010 outing at Bukit Batok Nature Park

Hi guys, I guess I have a lot to say about this outing, since this round I participated in planning it.. Before the outing, the planning group of us quite worried about a lot of things haha.. Like we had a problem deciding where to go, the date of the event, and we were constantly praying for good weather so it was good that everything turned out fine!
So on 15th May 2010, we had our first Bright Hill Outing for the year! We went down to Bukit Batok Nature Park with 25 elderly whom I believe (and hope) they all enjoyed themselves! Some of us came down at 1pm because there were some admin stuff to finish up.. and thanks to Cherie (correct right) for coming all the way down just to help us settle the list of car owners and seating allocation without going for the outing! J
By 230 a lot of people started streaming in and so we assigned the volunteers to their elderly, etc etc. Special mention some of the elderly were already dressed up nicely at 1 plus!! Haha so cute right. Okay  back to the recount hehe then after we mingled with the elderly and tied up some loose ends Catherine gave a briefing, before the wheelchair demonstration by Chung Tat (whom I haven’t seen in a long time! J)  I think that was quite useful!! Yep.
By 245 the special buses came with platforms that could just lift the elderly up and we were loading the elderly up the buses. Something quite funny happened.. there was this ahgong in a green shirt who came out of the home and decided he was going to join us for the outing haha. He’s mobile and everything so yan quan and I thought he was going home then we were still like, bye bye!! Then he told Catherine and Jane that he had registered for it already. Haha quite cute la. We were quite worried because the buses couldn’t seem to fit all our elderly in.. so yeah but it all turned out well! J
By 3plus we reached bukit batok nature park and I think a lot of us burnt loads of calories because of the steep slope up haha but it was all good fun right. We stopped by for a toilet break/water break where everyone got their packet drinks/plain water. Everyone was entertained by the monkeys there which were surprisingly quite aggressive? Or rather like they just helped themselves to the drinks and food packets at the dustbins. Vivianne, my friend who helped planned the activity said how nice it was to have free entertainment for the rest who were waiting for those in the toilet haha.
Later, we moved on to the quarry, which I think the elderly appreciated a lot because it was really pretty. My elderly said it was prettyJ and we played games there, mainly pass the parcel and charades by Chinwen Lingxin and Ling Han. There was one elderly Ah Choo I think she was very cute! She kept asking whether she got her present already when others got a prize haha. Though I think one aspect that could be improved on was that the weather was maybe too warm for some elderly.. like for my elderly I think she said she was feeling warm but cheered up after I fanned her.. but for the uncle next to me I think he was overheated (how do you call it) and the nurses rushed over to wipe him down.. I hope he’s okay.. L Joanne also took quite a few pictures of the elderly with the pretty scenic background which I’m sure will turn out nice!
After all the games, we moved on to the dinner place, which was quite far on foot. I was super impressed and amused by one uncle who walked throughout the whole outing.. Jean was supposed to push him but she ended up pushing the empty wheelchair alongside with him which was quite a cute sight. He is really very fit! Like after up the slope I think I was quite tired but he seemed quite okay! Wah pro pro. Haha yeap and he walked all the way to the dinner place also I think which is really quite far!
How did you guys find dinner? My table’s food was slightly too much but I’m quite glad the elderly ate their fill.. like for my elderly she finished the whole plate of rice with a lot of dishes! Which was quite surprising because her food has to be cut up into smaller pieces as she has difficulty swallowing.. but she still ate a lot in the end! My dad, who tagged along this round also said his elderly didn’t eat her rice but then she had seconds and thirds for every single dish on the table! JThe uncle at my table on the other hand didn’t eat much.. he said he was fullL but I think he really eats very little. Another uncle wanted to drink coke and he shared a can with me! So cute right! Because I offered him coffee/tea/ hot drinks but he said he didn’t want, then when I mentioned I wanted to order coke he said coke 好!有汽对身体好haha was really quite cute. Personally I quite like the cai bu egg! J yum yum very 香!
After the meal we went back to the home, where we gave out the goodybags we prepared for the elderly with dry food, daily necessities like face towels and toothpaste etc. Overall I think the elderly were quite happy because many of them smiled and thanked us when we gave them the bags.. they thanked us for bringing them out which was quite endearing and I felt like all the planning was worth itJ because I don’t really have chances to interact with elderly at home anymore, I really feel very warm and fuzzy when the elderly smile and talk to me/hold my hand etc.. haha just on my part la. It was a good ending to the fun outing we had. J
However I think I could have done better in many other aspects, like in terms of planning, the size of the goody bag being too big hence the bag looked quite empty, juggling between all the school tests and tutorials and this project, liaising with the home, dealing better with the chaotic situation on Saturday at the beginning, etc.. Catherine really did a lot and helped us a lot like getting transport, doing all the briefings and constantly reminding us what we had to do, which I really thank her for! Sorry for being quite inefficient in certain parts of the planning and some miscommunications/stuff we forgot to do on the way.. We were quite reliant on you haha thanks for all the help!
Thanks to Meifang and Cherie for handling the vehicles allocation, thanks to Joanne for being the photographer, thanks to Chungtat for handling the logistics as usual carrying all the umbrellas and stuff, thanks to all you guys who turned up to help us, and especially I would like to mention two of our new volunteers, Sharon Joseph and her mom.. I think they are really cool because the elderly they interact with are Chinese but even though they don’t speak the common language, they were able to still communicate with their elderly, which I saw firsthand because Sharon was in my group and her elderly smiled because they were communicating with hand gestures. Yep! Also, this is quite personal haha but I want to thank my daddy for helping out as well, because he spent a whole Saturday driving me around to buy stuff for the outing and as well as throughout the whole outing, as well as the parents of my group because they were supportive of our project as well.
Well, I think that is all I have to say! Wanted to write it tomorrow but since I saw Catherine’s email I felt like writing it now! Its quite a long post haha please don’t get tired reading itJ  haha k I need to study for my math test tmr hehe.
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2 Responses to 15 may 2010 outing at Bukit Batok Nature Park

  1. SH says:

    Great that you gals were so much involved and had loads of fun at it. Planning and organising the event comes with a little of experience which I\’m sure you gals would be able to garner in no time. Am glad to see that the elderly is good and well and enjoying themselves cos\’ it has been a really really long time since I went down. (Had been busy with my photo assgnts and stuff.) Thank you for spreading the love and bringing so much joy and happinness to the old folks… Great on you guyz…!! Jia you.. (",)

  2. Evergreeners says:

    From CT: We need to thank you; Dawn for the great planning and fun that you brought to the elderly…Dont be too hard on yourself, I think you did a greatjob on this enjoyable outing and thanks for bringing your Dad along and hope he had also enjoyed the outing…Looking forward to more fun-filled events organised bu you and your pals..

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