Big Kid Day

Today is our "BIG KID" day celebration with our BrightHill Ah Gong(s) and Ah Ma(s)..
We have few new singers who you guys never seen them before..
Do take a look at the Big Kid Day Photo Album! (^_^)
A short blog over here.. But can see that All our Ah Gong(s) and Ah Ma(s) at BrightHill
love the ICE-CREAM!! Yummy!~
Enjoy your weekends..
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One Response to Big Kid Day

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Yea! we had quite a good turn out of volunteers with Kee Hoon & Mun Hoe joining us back after a one month away. We wish them all the very best!! if you dunno why ASK 🙂 and together with the elderly, we had really good fun singing our Chinese childhood rythmes and the usually more serious ah mas were seen smiling…was it our good singing or our whacky actions!?does it matter? NO as long as they felt happy. YES! YES! YES! Cheers, Catherine

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