Move to WordPress

Apparently Window Live Spaces is going down, they are asking their users to move to WordPress by early next year or something. So, I have taken the liberty to, erm, initiate the move.

I was trying to explore WordPress and it didn’t turn out as successful as I thought since for example, there is some difference between and, nevermind the details but… hope this helps!


1) We have to move it here anyway, haha.

2) Neater template/clearer structure, though I hope you guys feel the same too.

3) Updated profile, this is currently found in the ‘About’ page.

4) Same link. Like those going to the Window Live Spaces will automatically be directed to this URL.


1) Organization of photos. As you can see in our ‘Gallery’ page, all our photo albums link back to our Windows Live Photos which we have been using so far, basically because I have given up on trying how to input photo gallery/albums into the blog itself… If you guys happen to be posting on this WordPress and come across the ‘Media’ tool, let me just share that I tried using that and personally found it quite useless… For now, do continue to upload your photos at Windows Live!

2) Posting creativity. I think I just realize how ridiculous this posting thing is – cant change the font, font colour and font size… Or maybe I haven’t really figure it out.

3) Chatbox. I inserted this Meebo chatbox thing, but I seem to realize it doesn’t work seem to work the same as the Cbox tagboard, which was what I intended.

5) Blogskin. I wanted to change the blogskin but maybe it’s not as easy as I thought…

6) HTML-supportive. I think most of us are not really familiar with html coding, so my general impression of WordPress is that it seems pretty supportive of HTML than Windows Live Spaces and Blogger… which is not good haha.

Somehow, this feels quite wordy. I don’t really think Bright Hill volunteers will be interested in reading a post about how I moved our blog to WordPress haha. Anyway, if you do find all those terms unfamiliar, it’s not because I am some IT-savvy person, just that I am probably more familiar with blogs.

Hope you guys like this blog and in the meantime, I will or someone can help me in figuring out WordPress!

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