Xmas Art & Crafts Day (11th Dec 2010)

**PS: My English is not that gd, please do “tahan” abit. Thank U. (^_^)

This is my very first time celebrating Xmas with the elderly at brighthill evergreen.. Somehow for a first time volunteer like me (btw I am Jia En) I felt so touched and happy for the elderly.. Even though, I kept taking photos and running around (I mean walking around. ^_^)..

I can see and feel that the elderly at brighthill, they are enjoying the whole art & crafts session conducted by the SP and Secondary School students. The more youngsters the merrier the whole home will be..

They make the whole place so lively and joyful.. You can see from the photos taken, how happy they are and how playful some elderly can be.. Hope that every saturday, there will be more youngsters joining us to bring joy and laughter to the elderly..

Life is short, we live this life just once.. Why not make it a fruitful one, not only for ownself but for the society and others who is much more less fortunate than us. Joy and happiness don’t drop from the heaven but it’s through us all..

Hope my posting is not a naggy one.. ~Smile~ 🙂
Just some thoughts and feelings. Do view the photos and you may feel the same way as I do. Come to BHEH to celebrate Xmas with them, you will know what Im talking about. Don’t just use your eyes to see, use your heart to feel it.. Oops.. Bed time..

Have a gd rest and enjoy this wonderful season of joy.

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