Xmas Party (18th Dec 2010)

**PS: My English is not that gd, so I’ll be using singlish.. ^.^

Hey hey.. Its me again, Im Jia En.. Just in case, you forget about me.. (~_~) Christmas is coming in <= 2days.. Yeah!!~ (^_^) Wish everyone a joyful and unforgettable Merry Merry Christmas.. Enjoy the long weekends.. Woohoo.. Oops, this suppose to be located in the last paragraph.. Never mind, chin cai abit hor..

Out of the sudden, I lost all my words.. Even though, we were busy on that very day but we do have fun.. Can see some of the elderly enjoy the Xmas party especially when we sing them the Xmas songs (Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is coming to town, 12 days of Xmas & "peng you"), playing games(dressing and BINGO) and of course, the all time favorite, the FOOD(cakes, banana & biscuits).. Everyone loves FOOD..

Love to see them smiling and the most important is to enjoy the whole event.. I think all volunteers will agree with it.. Hmmm, you may or may not notice something, the appreciation for making this event happen is all written on their faces (smiles), their actions (clapping of hands) and every single "Thank you" they said to us..

They may not express it well but you can feel it.. They are happy and they do enjoy the party..Well, the most enjoyable moment for me is to bring the Xmas tree, cakes & the gifts for those elderly who are living upstairs.. We gave snoopy dogs, gifts and singing Xmas songs together with SP students, BHEH staffs, Catherine, Ling, Desmond, Cui-Xian and Jiayi for the elderly..

Although only a few of us but we (includes the elderly) all do have a great time.. Oh, Im making this post a "naggy" one.. @_@

Do post more of your feelings or thoughts in this blog, don't be shy and don't be afraid.. Have a great Xmas and year ahead.. Ho Ho Ho, Wish you a "bery" Merry Merry Xmas and a "bery" HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!~

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One Response to Xmas Party (18th Dec 2010)

  1. Catherine says:

    Jia en, this is a lively and inspiring post…I enjoyed reading and was as happy as you were making our way to Levels 3 & 4. hahas..did we sing or shout (to make up for more voices)..whatever, our voices did move some elderly who gave us ‘thumbs up’ and their broad smiles! good job, everyone!! 🙂

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