A New Year Message

Year 2011 has arrived! The Lunar New Year of the Rabbit is just around the corner! Whether it is a reflection of 2010 or a new year wish for 2011, H and H are two significant elements of our volunteer journey as the Evergreeners at Bright Hill Evergreen Home:

H for Happy and H for Healthy
Happy & Healthy are inter-connected and bind us closely to the elderly. Our cheerful presence helps to ease their body pain and create moments of happiness and hopefully, make them stronger. Needless to say, volunteers always walk out of Bright Hill’s door with a smile and/or warmth at heart.
It’s a WIN-WIN situation!!

As Evergreeners, we need each other’s courage and motivation to continue our volunteer journey. Our door is opened to welcome more volunteers who wish to embark a fun and meaningful journey with us at Bright Hill Evergreen Home.

Here’s my self-created version of being HAPPY

H = HEALTH. what is more important than stay in good health?
A = ACHIEVEMENT. Every completed task, however small they are,
is an achievement that creates self satisfaction and help to
elevate one’s confidence
P = POSITIVE. Positive thinking helps a person stay focus and
P = PEACE. Every human nature has the duty to maintain peace,
order and harmony at all times
Y = YOUTH. Stay young helps to reduce those unwelcome wrinkles
as we age gracefully

What are we waiting for?

Happiness is there 24 hours 7 days a week.

Grab it tight! Enjoy!!

Being happy yourself is not enough…..share it! extend!!!

Remember to check out the photos of the 12 animals, coloured by the elderly and created by volunteers.

With very best wishes for year 2011 and the year of the Rabbit,

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