CNY 2011 part 2

it was a happy day cos it’s really like crowded with volunteers.
like some random reunion then everyone is busy with something and working tgt.
and everyone is in red.
like got the 气氛.
then i guess these kind of 气氛 can be felt by the elderly…
like warm, nice and very got happenings haha.

the 财神爷! played by… i forgot his name! it’s jane’s friend…
it’s always funny to see him (caucasian) all dressed up for a chinese occasion.
and it’s always amusing to see the elderly attempt their ‘thank you’s in english.
and i think he was feeling really hot but he was still pretty smiley and all so good job!

the lion troupe from nanyang!!! damn cool right.
i think the words on the drum very got impact sia.
anway, there was some response from the elderly when we told them it’s all females/girls haha.
girls rock as usual hahaha…
the wheelchair-deco game…
i always thought that this game is more for volunteers than elderly but well, nevermind haha:)
like the elderly just stone there most of the time…
the musical performances by zhenghua secondary and i think there’s another school here as well.
i think they are pretty cool.
cos like their teacher i/c is always very willing to help so the students have been coming to perform every year… like it’s so self-initiated and spontaenous…

giving out food and drinks…
apparently, we noticed they ate the bakgwa last… cos perhaps too hard for them.
quite sad… it’s supposed to be the most popular cny goodie or sthg haha.

and of course we had the cny singing stuff.
belinda rocks lah.
i love her young-at-heart and the love for singing and dancing.
and it’s like those really confident when doing it and you can tell she’s really enjoying it and it’s just pretty cool.
and alvin and liuyang have damn good voices.
i totally felt like video-ing them can haha.
like they are those that you know them first, then omg, they can sing haha!
i think they like to sing 笨小孩 haha…
okay, one day, i will get the footage of them singing okay haha:)
some other group phtos:)
it’s nice and happy…
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2 Responses to CNY 2011 part 2

  1. Thanks, Yan Quan!! hey, not fair…you managed with coloured fonts! 🙂
    For your info & correction….
    1) Adrian was the God of Fortune
    2) Mr Ng is the teacher in charge of the Chinese Orchestra and always very supportive
    3) Students of Chinese Orchestra and Guzheng are from one school in the Northeast zone – Zhonghua Secondary School located at Serangoon Avenue 3 (not Zhenghua Sec which is in the west). Zhonghua originates from ‘Chung Hwa Girls’ School’ and has very rich Chinese Culture, probably as rich as Nanyang Girls’ High School!

    cheers, Catherine

  2. haha… i acutally copied it over from somewhere so the colour of the words remains so not bad right… i still dunno how to colour the font itself in wordpress haha

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