Metta School Carnival

Hi, its me again.. Trying to think what to type over here.. During that special day of Metta School Carnival, I was a photographer (walk around and snap snap). Photos speak a thousand words, so this posting will be short.

Please visit the photo album:

That day was a beautiful even though around 1.30pm or 2pm the weather started to change but this does not affect anyone including the elderly.. It was an AWESOME event.. But to me, it was a great experience for me to test my photography skill. (End up, some photos are still blur.. means there’s some effect apply.. :D)

OMG (oh my God), elderly started their carnival experience before I reach there.. Elderly already could not wait for this special moment and time.. All elderly enjoyed their food and shopping trip at the carnival.. Even the volunteers and myself enjoyed the whole event. Everyone able to grab some vegetarian food (chicken rice, laksa, sushi and alot more). Yummy food! Don’t believe see the photos, the elderly enjoyed their day there.

Able to see smiling and happy faces on each of the elderly, students, public and volunteers at the carnival.

Not only from Brighthill, there’s elderly from SN home and other homes.. There’s students from MINDs school and public, they really enjoyed themselves with the games, concert, food and everything in the carnival..
Each performer really performed well for all people in the carnival. Even the volunteers who involved in each carnival store was enjoying themselves.

This is not my first time coming to this type of carnival, I was once a stall helper in one of the carnival stall before for one of the buddhist group. I really feel that the whole carnival allow us not only have the chance interact with elderly, students and public. Allowing us to know each other better and other volunteers from other homes.

Overall, really salute to all volunteers and nurses who accompanied the elderly and MINDs students around the carnival. Not an easy job at all, but its a fruitful experience and memories for us all. But salute to those volunteers and event coordinators to make this carnival possible. If not, volunteers, elderly and students would not have the chance to enjoy and participate in this carnival.
Salute to our BHEH volunteers and nurses: (“pai seh” the photo turn out to be blurred), means there’s more room for me to “show” off my DSLR.. Yeah!!~ More room for improvement.. (^.^)

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One Response to Metta School Carnival

  1. Great stuff! I surely missed the fun 😦
    Kudos to Cui Xian, Boon Hao, Jia en, Jesslyn, Joey, Mei Fang, Rachel, San San, Shu Ning, Yeng Ping and Shu Ning’s nephew (?) for spending their beautiful Sunday (20 March 2011) with Bright Hill elderly. It was a mission well executed with your warmth and love. On behalf of EVG, many thanks!! 🙂

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