Bazaar 19th March 2011

Sorry, if some sentences or words are not expressive or impressive. Ang mo limited!~ (~.~) 让老人家,肚,眼和心都满足和了开怀。那天的一场雨也不会洗去我们的心情。

I wish to give a BIG THANK YOU to Pioneer Zone 6 (brought by Susan), ITE Yishun Aerospace Students Catherine, Jane and other volunteers (you know who you are, actually to prevent typo errors or any names I might missed out) to make this bazaar possible. (includes the planning, preparation and etc) 

This bazaar can consider the biggest and most happening bazaar I seen in brighthill. Biggest in terms of volunteer group and bazaar items. Most happening in terms of dancing and singing group. All volunteers doing their best to make it a most memorable bazaar not only for the elderly and for other volunteers as well. (We know more friends and know other volunteers better)

Before the whole bazaar started, each elderly is given 10 ice cream sticks in a plastic bag to purchase the items they want. To get more ice cream sticks, elderly need to participate a BIG SMALL game with the volunteer. First let see the bazaar items which are not only from the store but Thanks to Pioneer Zone great people we have more things to sell and need to Thank the Ad-hoc and regular volunteers who came during that very day to help out. (look at the right hand side photo, yan ping is peeling off the price tags and at the bottom left, you will see Joey is pushing the elderly to the dinning hall.)



Pioneer Zone 6 good people bought and brought not only non-food items, there’s other items like diapers, kitchen towels, toilet papers, shower foams & alot more.. Thanks to them, we have more dry food items for the elderly to purchase during the bazaar. The remaining of the bazaar items are kept for prizes for next few events. (BIG THANKS to Pioneer Zone 6)


Oh man, this is not a normal bazaar selling and buying items but there’s dancing and singing performance by Pioneer Zone 6 good people. I remembered one of the elderly said this “Look, that man danced very well.” which all of the volunteers agreed. There’s a couple from the Pioneer Zone 6 who are from China together with them is their grandson who also sing a song for the elderly.


Look at the elderly what are they eating……………. SWEETS!!~ Sweets are given by the volunteers from Pioneer Zone. So you might be guessing what are we (ad-hoc and regular volunteers) doing. We are enjoying ourselves with the dancing and songs.. Yeah!~ Of course, it also a time for us to know each other better. (Bonding of volunteers)


You must be wondering where is the high tea group and where is the food and drinks for the elderly. We will never forget about high tea, it is the most important time for our elderly. You will see them enjoying the food we brought them. This very day, we have a big group of high tea group and helpers who prepare the food and elderly’s favourite drink KOPI!~


 Even during the bazaar started, we encountered heavy human traffic jam but everyone  enjoyed the whole event. After this event, we will try to improvise for the next one. Please view the rest of the photos at: Bazaar 19th March.

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One Response to Bazaar 19th March 2011

  1. Lovely post by ?? Jia en? To me, this post light heartedly n beautifully describes the bazaar day’s happenings. We saw brilliant ideas fm our ic, Cui Xian n the commitment n hardwork shown by each n every volunteer present. Kudos to ALL.

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