Kopi Trip 1

Today, 28th May 2011, we had our very first session of the Kopi Trip, cum mini-shopping at NTUC FairPrice with 10 elderly. Photographs have been uploaded to our Live Gallery:)

At the same time, we also had our Da-Xiao (Big-Small) game with the rest of the elderly at the event hall.

After which, we did some debrief and accounting for our Kopi Trip expenses, and had a mini singing and music session in preparation for next week:)

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One Response to Kopi Trip 1

  1. This is an entry contributed by our Kopi Trip 1 Leader, Yeng Ping who demonstrated a high level of hard work, enthusiasm, energy and love not just for the 10 elderly but als for the care giving volunteers! Yeng Ping is a naturally born leader! Our group’s appreciation also went out to students like Alvin1, Alvin2, Aik Keong, George, Felix and Yan quan, not forgetting our ever lovely and supportive volunteers Cherie, Rachel, Joey, Joanne Yang, Paul and Ling!!
    Cheers, Catherine

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