Kopi Trip 2 – 04 Jun 11

Another successful Kopi trip!

This is the 2nd kopi trip organised for the elderly in BHEH.  As far as possible, a different group of 10 elderly would be brought along for each trip, so that each elderly would get a chance to go for hi-tea and shopping at NTUC.  This definitely brightened their day, as they get to interact with the volunteers, eat food they seldom have and do shopping, which is not a frequent affair.

Even the volunteers enjoyed themselves! It is all about giving and sharing!

Of course, not forgetting the elderly who did not join in the kopi trip, they were being entertained by the volunteers who stayed behind – with their lovely voices and musical talents.

We also get to learn from every trip – how to better organise the trip, exchange experiences especially between the seasoned volunteers and the new volunteers, how to enhance the experience for the elderly, and lots more!

A big THANK YOU to our new volunteers from NIE & NYP! Young volunteers with BIG HEARTS! The photos say it all!



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One Response to Kopi Trip 2 – 04 Jun 11

  1. This post is written by our Kopi Trip 2 leader, Joey! very diligent, organized and meticulous lady who exercise good judgement and introduced new measures to better improve the trip. Assisted by our popular Mama Ling, dynamic Yeng Ping and all other lovely volunteers, Kopi Trip 2 was indeed another successful short event which saw 10 more happy and satisfied faces from residents of Bright Hill Evergreen Home. Kudos to ALL!!
    Cheers, Catherine

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