Kopi Trip 04, 18th June 2011

The last kopi trip for the month went well. There was no rain and 13 old folks were able to enjoy food and drinks from the coffee shop and go shopping for stuff. Many young volunteers came to help. They were amiable and chatted with the old folks.

Volunteers introducing themselves and chatting with the old folksDSC07318        DSC07331                                           DSC07333             DSC07320


DSC07340 Old folks ready, get set, DSC07343DSC07342    GO!!!  GO!!!   GO!!!


Slowing down on the ramp                             DSC07348        DSC07349


Can’t wait to get to the kopitiam!                           Finally reached. Let’s find a seat DSC07350         DSC07351


All settled in. 😀                                                                                                DSC07354     DSC07355     DSC07357 DSC07358     DSC07360     DSC07359


Makan time! Yummy Food.                                                       DSC07363            DSC07364    DSC07390            DSC07396      DSC07378            DSC07373


Old folks also like fizzy drinks too!                                          DSC07394    DSC07391


Shopping spree.                                                                               DSC07406   Can’t decide   DSC07414DSC07413       what to       DSC07410                DSC07418          buy ??      DSC07420


Happily got what we wanted! 🙂                                                                                      DSC07422         DSC07417       DSC07428               DSC07426                          Uncle got his tau sa pia                                        Auntie relishing her ice-cream


Getting ready to return to the home                             DSC07429         DSC07424

On the way back                                                              DSC07448       DSC07444


End of trip. Group Photo at the home entrance. DSC07454 Thank you everyone for making this a happy and fruitful trip !!

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