National Day Celebration 2011 – 6th Aug 2011

Sorry, it’s me (Jia En). The ang mo limited volunteer!! Sorry for the late posting, helping Alvin to do a draft so he can edit later on. As Alvin is busy preparing for his exams and studies.

I would like to extend my appreciation to all volunteers who make this event possible, thank you all.

We would like to thank the organisers to make this event a fruitful one for all volunteers.

A song for all evergreen volunteers:

Together we make a difference on every saturday of all elderly in brighthill elderly home.


All volunteers who are there on that very day, to you, it might be just a normal event. But to the elderly, they are waiting for us all to make their Saturday shine brighter and happier than any other days.  National Day celebration is not only celebrating the birthday of the country, is to make the elderly feel that during this special day for the nation, volunteers never forget you all. Lets celebrate this day with all elderly.

Preparation for NDC
Blowing the balloons

While waiting for all elderly to come down to the dining area. Volunteers already started to decorate the place near the dining area and in the dining area.

The “Red Lion”

Something done by Yan Ping, Joey & Cui-Xian.  I don’t know who do it! (^_^) Somehow, I only caught Yan Ping doing the white one. I think so……….

However, its not easy doing these cute “Pink Panther” I mean “Lion look alike”……

Something different for this year national day celebration. The best thing always the last to be shown. This year celebration, we have the elderly to dress the volunteers up instead of them been dressed up. Plus that not the only changes we have, this year we have two big Singapore flags cakes. (Thanks to Cui-Xian who ordered the cake)

Uncle Philip enjoying his cake

All elderly love the cake, its finger licking good. Better than KFC, as I saw one elderly licking his finger after he had finished the cake even Uncle Philip enjoying his cake.

After all elderly is filled with energy-giving cake, each elderly is given a small Singapore flag.

Uncle singing

With the voices of the volunteers and everyone including the elderly waving the flags,  the event was brought to the highest point of the day with two National Day Theme Songs….. 家 (Home) and 心连心 (Together), these two songs bring the Spirits of all volunteers even the elderly.

These are not the only two songs we sang on that day, Chan Mali Chan, We are singapore and many more…. Singing theme songs is not the only programme of that day, the next programme will make elderly recall the old Singapore days when Mata wearing bermudas petrolling around, Rickshaw/Trishaw uncle transporting people to their destination, samsui women (红头巾) helping to make Singapore a better city and Ma Jie (妈姐) in the old days who serve the rich family as servant. Many thanks to Alvin as Ah Beng Mata, Wesker Ling as Modern day Trishaw/Rickshaw Uncle, Catherine as samsui woman and Cui-Xian as servant. All costumes for that day is DIY by the volunteers themselves. Our most “power” samsui woman with hand made cigarette and not forgetting the servant who took the longest time to dress herself up for special occasion. Lets cheer for the two CHIO BU(s) and two YAN DAO(s)..

Majulah Evergreen Volunteers

We did it again Evergreen Volunteers!! To be continued By Alvin aka Ah Beng Mata…..

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