Kopi Trip 1

Today, 28th May 2011, we had our very first session of the Kopi Trip, cum mini-shopping at NTUC FairPrice with 10 elderly. Photographs have been uploaded to our Live Gallery:)

At the same time, we also had our Da-Xiao (Big-Small) game with the rest of the elderly at the event hall.

After which, we did some debrief and accounting for our Kopi Trip expenses, and had a mini singing and music session in preparation for next week:)

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Bazaar 19th March 2011

Sorry, if some sentences or words are not expressive or impressive. Ang mo limited!~ (~.~) 让老人家,肚,眼和心都满足和了开怀。那天的一场雨也不会洗去我们的心情。

I wish to give a BIG THANK YOU to Pioneer Zone 6 (brought by Susan), ITE Yishun Aerospace Students Catherine, Jane and other volunteers (you know who you are, actually to prevent typo errors or any names I might missed out) to make this bazaar possible. (includes the planning, preparation and etc) 

This bazaar can consider the biggest and most happening bazaar I seen in brighthill. Biggest in terms of volunteer group and bazaar items. Most happening in terms of dancing and singing group. All volunteers doing their best to make it a most memorable bazaar not only for the elderly and for other volunteers as well. (We know more friends and know other volunteers better)

Before the whole bazaar started, each elderly is given 10 ice cream sticks in a plastic bag to purchase the items they want. To get more ice cream sticks, elderly need to participate a BIG SMALL game with the volunteer. First let see the bazaar items which are not only from the store but Thanks to Pioneer Zone great people we have more things to sell and need to Thank the Ad-hoc and regular volunteers who came during that very day to help out. (look at the right hand side photo, yan ping is peeling off the price tags and at the bottom left, you will see Joey is pushing the elderly to the dinning hall.)



Pioneer Zone 6 good people bought and brought not only non-food items, there’s other items like diapers, kitchen towels, toilet papers, shower foams & alot more.. Thanks to them, we have more dry food items for the elderly to purchase during the bazaar. The remaining of the bazaar items are kept for prizes for next few events. (BIG THANKS to Pioneer Zone 6)


Oh man, this is not a normal bazaar selling and buying items but there’s dancing and singing performance by Pioneer Zone 6 good people. I remembered one of the elderly said this “Look, that man danced very well.” which all of the volunteers agreed. There’s a couple from the Pioneer Zone 6 who are from China together with them is their grandson who also sing a song for the elderly.


Look at the elderly what are they eating……………. SWEETS!!~ Sweets are given by the volunteers from Pioneer Zone. So you might be guessing what are we (ad-hoc and regular volunteers) doing. We are enjoying ourselves with the dancing and songs.. Yeah!~ Of course, it also a time for us to know each other better. (Bonding of volunteers)


You must be wondering where is the high tea group and where is the food and drinks for the elderly. We will never forget about high tea, it is the most important time for our elderly. You will see them enjoying the food we brought them. This very day, we have a big group of high tea group and helpers who prepare the food and elderly’s favourite drink KOPI!~


 Even during the bazaar started, we encountered heavy human traffic jam but everyone  enjoyed the whole event. After this event, we will try to improvise for the next one. Please view the rest of the photos at: Bazaar 19th March.

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Metta School Carnival

Hi, its me again.. Trying to think what to type over here.. During that special day of Metta School Carnival, I was a photographer (walk around and snap snap). Photos speak a thousand words, so this posting will be short.

Please visit the photo album: http://cid-0cb2b92b5eb8aaf1.photos.live.com/browse.aspx/Metta%20School%20Carnival%2020%20Mar%202011

That day was a beautiful even though around 1.30pm or 2pm the weather started to change but this does not affect anyone including the elderly.. It was an AWESOME event.. But to me, it was a great experience for me to test my photography skill. (End up, some photos are still blur.. means there’s some effect apply.. :D)

OMG (oh my God), elderly started their carnival experience before I reach there.. Elderly already could not wait for this special moment and time.. All elderly enjoyed their food and shopping trip at the carnival.. Even the volunteers and myself enjoyed the whole event. Everyone able to grab some vegetarian food (chicken rice, laksa, sushi and alot more). Yummy food! Don’t believe see the photos, the elderly enjoyed their day there.

Able to see smiling and happy faces on each of the elderly, students, public and volunteers at the carnival.

Not only from Brighthill, there’s elderly from SN home and other homes.. There’s students from MINDs school and public, they really enjoyed themselves with the games, concert, food and everything in the carnival..
Each performer really performed well for all people in the carnival. Even the volunteers who involved in each carnival store was enjoying themselves.

This is not my first time coming to this type of carnival, I was once a stall helper in one of the carnival stall before for one of the buddhist group. I really feel that the whole carnival allow us not only have the chance interact with elderly, students and public. Allowing us to know each other better and other volunteers from other homes.

Overall, really salute to all volunteers and nurses who accompanied the elderly and MINDs students around the carnival. Not an easy job at all, but its a fruitful experience and memories for us all. But salute to those volunteers and event coordinators to make this carnival possible. If not, volunteers, elderly and students would not have the chance to enjoy and participate in this carnival.
Salute to our BHEH volunteers and nurses: (“pai seh” the photo turn out to be blurred), means there’s more room for me to “show” off my DSLR.. Yeah!!~ More room for improvement.. (^.^)

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CNY 2011 part 2

it was a happy day cos it’s really like crowded with volunteers.
like some random reunion then everyone is busy with something and working tgt.
and everyone is in red.
like got the 气氛.
then i guess these kind of 气氛 can be felt by the elderly…
like warm, nice and very got happenings haha.

the 财神爷! played by… i forgot his name! it’s jane’s friend…
it’s always funny to see him (caucasian) all dressed up for a chinese occasion.
and it’s always amusing to see the elderly attempt their ‘thank you’s in english.
and i think he was feeling really hot but he was still pretty smiley and all so good job!

the lion troupe from nanyang!!! damn cool right.
i think the words on the drum very got impact sia.
anway, there was some response from the elderly when we told them it’s all females/girls haha.
girls rock as usual hahaha…
the wheelchair-deco game…
i always thought that this game is more for volunteers than elderly but well, nevermind haha:)
like the elderly just stone there most of the time…
the musical performances by zhenghua secondary and i think there’s another school here as well.
i think they are pretty cool.
cos like their teacher i/c is always very willing to help so the students have been coming to perform every year… like it’s so self-initiated and spontaenous…

giving out food and drinks…
apparently, we noticed they ate the bakgwa last… cos perhaps too hard for them.
quite sad… it’s supposed to be the most popular cny goodie or sthg haha.

and of course we had the cny singing stuff.
belinda rocks lah.
i love her young-at-heart and the love for singing and dancing.
and it’s like those really confident when doing it and you can tell she’s really enjoying it and it’s just pretty cool.
and alvin and liuyang have damn good voices.
i totally felt like video-ing them can haha.
like they are those that you know them first, then omg, they can sing haha!
i think they like to sing 笨小孩 haha…
okay, one day, i will get the footage of them singing okay haha:)
some other group phtos:)
it’s nice and happy…
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CNY 2011

EVG promised to deliver yet another great celebration at Bright Hill Evergreen Home held on 12 Feb 2011 正月初十. Together, volunteers kept making good progress in terms of attendance, punctuality, greater initiatives, stronger comradeship and endless love and care for the elderly.

The celebration turned out to be a ‘roaring’ good time with everyone (elderly, students, teachers, home staff & volunteers) feeling so high during our 3 ‘yum sengs’. OUR DEEPEST APPRECIATION TO EACH AND EVERY ONE PRESENT!!!

人气旺旺旺….义工朋友, 学校老帅,学生和老人家聚在一起打成一片非常热闹,还制造许多温欣的场面。有几回还出现CTE的similar状况… the difference was the humans were causing congestion! Hahas…maybe it was an idea to install a ’charity fare gantry’ to raise funds? Na…I am just joking ….we at EVG means ‘Ever Virtuous Group’. ERP and EVG values are totally different! We have lots of lovely and charitable volunteers, families and friends around who supported us through the years. EVG strongly believes that they will continue to give us the required support. OUR HEARTFELT THANKS FOR THE PAST, PRESENT AND THE FUTURE!!!

相机多多多…..Oh…many volunteers have upgraded their cameras to more professional type and for Jia en & Jia yi, their reason for a new camera was to capture sharper images of the elderly. Hey hey lovely gals (clap..clap). Even IPHONE cameras were working hard! Jia en was quick to upload a good number of really touching photo shoots onto our blog: https://evergreenvolunteer.wordpress.com THANKS, JIA EN! Will other photographers be adding more photos to the album??

This auspicious figure continued to rock the Home…one thing for sure…he is the elderly’s top favourite…elderly were always eager to shake his hands and receive their share of mandarin oranges and ang pow. Thanks to our Caucasian friend, Adrian and volunteers who assisted him to Levels 3 & 4. Adrian, that belly of yours seemed to have shrunk a little but you still managed to make the elderly laughing their way! WELL DONE, ADRIAN!!!

在这七八年内,EVG 和Bright Hill Evergreen Home不断得到中华中学华乐团和古筝团的爱戴。很庆幸有Mr Ng的穿针引线和古筝老师的细心安排才让光明山修身院增添需多新春的气氛。今年,学生们更是自己谝曲为老人家特别写了一段CNY Medley….成功的提高学生精湛的表演也让在场的老人家和义工顿时HIGH了起来!

Lastly but not least, a BIG THANK YOU to Woei Shiuan for coordinating a large donation towards a sumptuous dinner for the elderly. The food was plentiful and it also helped to fill the stomachs of some volunteers who skipped their lunch just to be early for the celebration. Here’s wishing WS all the very best to her and her second baby who is due in the next 2-3 months.

To Kiwi for his spontaneous and swift action in his sponsorship and delivery of the 2011 calendars which kicked off a good start of the year for the elderly. MANY THANKS, KIWI AND SORRY FOR THE LATE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT!!!

To ALL our sponsors for the CNY event. Your donation was put to good use for which many of you had witnessed how your precious givings had contributed towards a successful afternoon!!


Cheers, Catherine

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A New Year Message

Year 2011 has arrived! The Lunar New Year of the Rabbit is just around the corner! Whether it is a reflection of 2010 or a new year wish for 2011, H and H are two significant elements of our volunteer journey as the Evergreeners at Bright Hill Evergreen Home:

H for Happy and H for Healthy
Happy & Healthy are inter-connected and bind us closely to the elderly. Our cheerful presence helps to ease their body pain and create moments of happiness and hopefully, make them stronger. Needless to say, volunteers always walk out of Bright Hill’s door with a smile and/or warmth at heart.
It’s a WIN-WIN situation!!

As Evergreeners, we need each other’s courage and motivation to continue our volunteer journey. Our door is opened to welcome more volunteers who wish to embark a fun and meaningful journey with us at Bright Hill Evergreen Home.

Here’s my self-created version of being HAPPY

H = HEALTH. what is more important than stay in good health?
A = ACHIEVEMENT. Every completed task, however small they are,
is an achievement that creates self satisfaction and help to
elevate one’s confidence
P = POSITIVE. Positive thinking helps a person stay focus and
P = PEACE. Every human nature has the duty to maintain peace,
order and harmony at all times
Y = YOUTH. Stay young helps to reduce those unwelcome wrinkles
as we age gracefully

What are we waiting for?

Happiness is there 24 hours 7 days a week.

Grab it tight! Enjoy!!

Being happy yourself is not enough…..share it! extend!!!

Remember to check out the photos of the 12 animals, coloured by the elderly and created by volunteers.

With very best wishes for year 2011 and the year of the Rabbit,

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Steps to take note

Dear All,

In case you guys posting a event or etc post in the blog, there are some steps to take note.. (if you are too professional or expert in WordPress or Blogspot, please ignore this. Thank U)

In order for others to leave comments in the blog for a particular posting, please take note of the following:

1) When you add new post, at your right hand side not that top corner, select “Screen Options” –> click the checkbox “Discussion”.

2) Scroll your screen down, you will see a “Discussion” box at the bottom of the white space where you type all your wordings for the posting.

3) Click the checkbox “Allow comments”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s all, now others can leave comments on the posting..

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